Paul Killoren PT, DPT

Paul Killoren PT, DPT
Paul Killoren PT, DPT

Paul Killoren PT, DPT is the co-founder and current president of iDryNeedle. As a physical therapist, he was first trained in dry needling in 2010 and joined the KinetaCore Education DN faculty in 2014. Since that time, Paul has instructed on over 130 DN courses and continues to develop iDN as a resource and community for dry needling clinicians. 

  1. Sarcastic Anatomy - Suboccipitals

    Sarcastic Anatomy - Suboccipitals

    Sarcastic Anatomy by iDryNeedle puts in-depth anatomy into a satirical context. Designed for rehab professionals (PT, chiropractor, ATC) and with a subject matter appropriate for the dry needling healthcare practitioner.
  2. Sarcastic Anatomy - Psoas

    Sarcastic Anatomy - Psoas

    Frustrating 6th grade spelling bee participants for decades, the psassy little psoas doesn’t like to pronounce his P’s. Pso dumb. Editor’s note: I seriously considered writing this entire blog with ...
  3. Sarcastic Anatomy – Latissimus Dorsi

    Sarcastic Anatomy – Latissimus Dorsi

    This edition of Sarcastic Anatomy from iDryNeedle focuses on the good, the bad, and the ugly involving the latissimus dorsi.  This muscle is imperative to global stability and function, and worth knowing more about whether you are a dry needling clinician or fitness newbie. 
  4. Sarcastic Anatomy - Multifidus

    Sarcastic Anatomy - Multifidus

    Don't take this too seriously. Our own Paul Killoren PT, DPT gives you everything you need to know about multifidus, including his personal appraisal.  He was overheard muttering, "I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking about multifidus."
  5. 5 Ways Dry Needling Is Being Used ...including 4 you may not know about!

    5 Ways Dry Needling Is Being Used ...including 4 you may not know about!

    Paul Killoren, PT, DPT goes into 5 applications of dry needling, many of them you may not have considered before.  See research and rationale for dry needling acute injuries, spasticity, pre-competition for muscle function, post-competition for recovery, and for pain relief in general.