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The iDryNeedle Story

In 2014, we founded iDryNeedle in the spare room of our clinic, shipping out of dad's basement. Yep, seeing patients all day, staying on top of our notes, teaching dry needling courses on the weekends, and dad filling boxes in the basement. It was intense, but we loved it. And honestly, between some of the legal friction in certain states over dry needling, as well as seeing how valuable this tool could be with our own patients -- we were beyond inspired to keep pushing and elevate the dry needling game.

Dry needling-specific products, expert-level education, and ultimately helping our patients live happier, healthier lives. That's what it has always been about. All with a culture and customer experience only a fellow clinician could appreciate, and with the highest level of enthusiasm and integrity. It didn't take long to realize we were not alone in our pursuit of advancing the practice of dry needling and how it elevated clinical care. In fact, we were amazed by the support we received from you all, and humbled by how quickly our community of clinicians grew. Clinicians like you. Invigorated by innovation, dedicated to the pursuit of clinical expertise, and invested in helping your patients live happier, healthier lives.

Fast forward to today, and we offer all the products you need to elevate your clinical dry needling game. And beyond that, with your help, we will be here pushing the envelope. Not just education created to answer your more specific clinical questions, but access to research, advocacy on our state battlegrounds, and ultimately generating an undeniable professional inertia.

If you've been with us for a while - THANK YOU for the support! It gives us goosebumps and that lump in the back of our throat to be supported by clinicians like you. You may never know how much that support means, and we will find every opportunity we can to say "thanks". 

And if you're new here - WELCOME to the iDryNeedle movement! No matter how you found us, or where you are looking to go -- we are here to support you, and to help you help as many patients as possible. 

A few words from our president, Paul Killoren, PT, DPT... 

iDryNeedle success won't be measured by dollars or number of needles sold. We must achieve three things to truly succeed: 1) patients in every US state to have access to dry needling, 2) a palpable and demonstrable shift towards non-opioid healthcare access, and most importantly, 3) our success will be measured by every handshake, high-five, fist bump, hug, and smile - from our colleagues using our products and accessing our education, and from each patient who has found hope or relief from this clinical practice. That is success.