Clinical IQ Series: Ankle Sprains

iDryNeedle Clinical IQ Series: Ankle Sprains

A comprehensive look at ankle sprain injuries - through the eyes of a dry needling clinician. This 6-chapter online course (8 CEU) created for clinicians already trained in dry needling will give you the techniques, strategies, and research-based rationale to seriously UP your ankle sprain rehab game!

With 6 chapters, 35 videos, and plenty of full text research articles, we'll cover:

+ Tissue healing
+ Coritcal changes
+ Reducing re-injury
+ Rehab progressions
 ...and much more!

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Clinical IQ Series - E-stim + DN

The iDryNeedle Clinical IQ Series: E-stim & Dry Needling is HERE!
This Clinical IQ Series is the most comprehensive course on e-stim use with dry needling. Everything you need to know about using e-stim as a dry needling clinician - from the basics to tactical masterclass content!
Starting with the fundamentals, this course will then go into specific treatment strategies for:
 + Pain modulation
 + Athletic recovery
 + Neuromuscular changes
 + Neural regeneration
 + Spasticity
...and more!

iDryNeedle Clinical IQ Series: The Hamstrings

This 10-chapter module created specifically for the dry needling clinician will up your clinical IQ on the hamstrings in terms of anatomy, assessment, needling, and ultimately your patient outcomes.

What does it include? 
- Stage-by-stage dry needling technique videos including e-stim application 
- Clinical commentary on treatment goals and rationale for each rehab phase 
- Full-text for your evidence based reading pleasure 
- In-depth lecture on advanced and functional anatomy of the hamstrings, injury and pathomechanism, management strategies, and corrective exercise
- Chapter quizzes for knowledge retention and to remind you how happy you are to be done with PT school 

This will be the launch of our Clinical IQ Series as we bring next-level dry needling education content to clinicians already certified in DN.