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Better Tools, Better Outcomes™

We’ve built our company to be the ultimate dry needling resource. We’ve been immersed in dry needling from the very beginning, and we’re uniquely equipped to help you learn and grow your dry needling practice. 

Curiosity and a drive to discover

We’ve witnessed dry needling go from novelty to mainstream - driven by VISIONARY clinicians and irrefutable results. Curiosity and discovery of innovative techniques and better products brought iDryNeedle to life, and they’ll continue to drive us to bring you new products and services for years to come.

Knowledge and experience

We’re practicing clinicians with decades of combined dry needling experience both in clinics and as educators – and as such our attestation of how powerful dry needling can be has only continued to grow. Dry needling is a powerful tool which allows us to impart a significant positive change in our patients’ lives, many of whom have not achieved results with other modalities. We’ve witnessed its impact first-hand through treating others, and being treated by it ourselves. This knowledge and experience has only fostered a thirst for deeper understanding and a more ardent advocacy of dry needling.

Strong collaborative relationships

Our company was created to make it easy for you to adopt dry needling into your practice, and to support your growth as a dry needling practitioner. We couldn’t do this alone, though. By building strong, collaborative relationships with the leading provider of dry needling education in the US, as well as the leading manufacturer of dry needles in the world, iDryNeedle has created a platform to substantiate the dry needling community. First-class education, innovative products, and industry-specific collaboration with clinicians like you create the infrastructure for this community.

Learn more about Red Coral

Our partnership with Red Coral allows us to exclusively introduce the best dry needling products available. Myotech needles are the first of their kind, developed specifically for dry needling.

Learn more about KinetaCore (EIM Dry Needling)

Our partnership with Kinetacore means that our efforts to promote dry needling are informed by an organization that’s widely considered to be the best dry needling training authority in the US. We collaborate with Kinetacore on dry needling education, and we mirror their commitment to the highest standard of excellence in everything we do. We believe Kinetacore’s curriculum and faculty are unrivaled in the industry.

Ultimately, our aim is to develop strong relationships with you, the clinicians who use our products to help patients every day. We consider you colleagues and friends, and we’re committed to helping you succeed. That’s what drives us as a company, and inspires us to keep pushing standards of patient care to the highest level. We’re here to introduce you to dry needling, connect you with the training and education you need to effectively practice it, and to set you up for success by providing you with the best tools available.

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