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Professional 4 Piece Silicone Cupping Set

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Our versatile 4-piece silicone cupping set is tailored to elevate your physical therapy practice. Crafted with the highest quality material and designed for both professional therapists and home users, this set redefines the art of therapeutic cupping, promoting enhanced circulation, deep tissue release, and relaxation.

Each set comprises four carefully graduated cups, thoughtfully sized to cater to various body areas and therapeutic needs. Crafted from premium medical-grade silicone, these cups are not only durable and hypoallergenic but also incredibly pliable, conforming snugly to the body's contours for a superior suction effect. The transparent design allows for easy monitoring of the skin's response during treatment.

The set includes:

Large & Extra Large Body Cups (2 pcs): These cups are ideal for larger muscle groups like the back, thighs, and glutes. The wide diameter and gentle curvature ensure broad coverage and an even distribution of therapeutic suction. Use these cups to target deep-seated tension and alleviate muscle stiffness effectively.

Medium Cup (1 pc): Designed with precision in mind, this medium cup is perfect for targeting specific areas such as the shoulders, neck, and calves. Its ergonomic shape allows for enhanced maneuverability and enables therapists to reach intricate muscle structures with accuracy.

Small Precision Cup (1 pc): The small cup is a versatile tool for targeting localized trigger points and areas that require precise attention, including joints, hands, and feet. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for detailed therapy sessions.

Our silicone cupping set stands out with its user-friendly features:


Easy-Squeeze Technology: Controlled suction intensity has never been easier. Customize the level of pressure for each individual's comfort and response, promoting a tailored therapeutic experience.

Travel-Friendly and Hygienic: Lightweight and portable, the set is suitable for both clinic use and on-the-go therapy. The silicone material is easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring a hygienic practice every time.

Discover the transformative potential of our 4-piece silicone cupping set, where innovation meets wellness. Elevate your physical therapy sessions with this versatile collection and unlock a world of relaxation, pain relief, and holistic healing.