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AWQ-104LT Four Channel Electro-therapy Unit

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Introducing the AWQ-104LT: The Latest Multipurpose AWQ Electro-Therapy Device from China


Upgrade your electro-therapy experience with the advanced AWQ-104LT. This improved version of the popular AWQ series offers enhanced features and functionality. With its 4 outputs and a large 0.5" x 0.9" LCD digital meter, the AWQ-104LT sets a new standard in electro-therapy devices.


Experience precise frequency control with the AWQ-104LT's two separate ranges: low (1-100 Hz) and high (10-1,000 Hz). The unit's LCD display allows you to effortlessly select and deliver the desired frequency.


The AWQ-104LT boasts 4 independently-controlled output channels, providing stimulation to 8 needles simultaneously. Each channel includes polarity reversal switches for tonification (+) and sedation (-), allowing for customized treatments. The device also features a high/low voltage switch and 2 frequency ranges (x1, x10), providing versatility in therapy options. Thanks to the new integrated circuitry, you can enjoy interference-free and crossover-free sessions.


Choose from three adjustable pulse modes: continuous, intermittent (discontinuous), and dense-disperse, to suit your specific needs.


With the AWQ-104LT, you receive a comprehensive set of accessories to maximize your treatment experience. The package includes a 5" long pen-shaped treatment probe with a hand ground pole and wire, along with 4 sets of alligator clip wires. A sturdy carrying case ensures convenient transportation, and detailed instructions guide you through the device's functionalities. Rest easy knowing that the unit comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase (unit only).


The AWQ-104LT operates on a 9-volt battery (battery not included), providing portability and flexibility.


Upgrade to the AWQ-104LT today and revolutionize your electro-therapy practice with its cutting-edge features and exceptional performance.