ITO ES-160 6 Channel Electro-Therapy Device

ITO ES-160 6 Channel Electro-Therapy Device

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The ITO® ES-160 is the latest most advanced 6 channel electro-therapy device from Japan. Compact, attractive, lightweight, sturdy, and desk size. Provides 8 stimulation modes, saves 5 previous treatment parameters, and incorporates 16 programmable memory settings. 

Three LCD displays (0.6" x 1.4" and 0.6" x 1.1") show point search sensitivity, frequency (Hz), pulse width (µs), program modes, memory data, treatment time (minutes), and battery life. 

The hand probe includes a search-to-treat push button selector on the probe itself. Point location is indicated on the LCD display and is regulated with the sensitivity dial. 

Safety features include self-test, zero start, automatic power-off if unit is left unused for 5 minutes, sound on/off function, emergency stop button, tone signaling end of treatment, and high/low (H/L) switch on side of unit. 

Accessories include search/stimulation probe, 6 electrode cords (assorted colors), 12 alligator clip-on (6 red/6 black), and operation manual. Does not include batteries.

Note: Replacement wires and alligator clips also sold separately. 

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