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Firefly Device (pair pack)

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The firefly™ is a small battery-powered adhesive neuromuscular stimulation device. The pair pack contains 2 devices total and up to 30 hours of use. 

The firefly™ device stimulates a nerve in your legs, activating several key muscles which directly cause an increase in blood flow while at rest. The firefly™ is a nerve stimulator, so your muscles avoid the fatigue often associated with electrical muscle stimulators.

Speeding up the body's recovery process allows muscles to adapt and respond quicker, meaning an athlete can return to training earlier to improve performance.

How to use the firefly™

The instructions for use (including a list of precautions, warnings and specifications) for the firefly™ device and an easy to follow guide on fitting the firefly™ device are available to download below.

The firefly™ device is easily applied to the outside of the leg, just below the knee at the center of the fibula head.

firefly™ Instructions For Use PDF


How firefly works.


When positioned correctly firefly™ effectively delivers a small and painless electrical stimulus to the common peroneal nerve which triggers the calf muscles in your leg to contract and pump blood throughout your lower extremities.

Nerve stimulation
  • firefly™ Stimulates the Nerve.
    firefly™ works with the bodies own recovery systems to effectively deliver blood and nutrients to the muscles of the lower legs:
Increased bloodflow
  • The Leg Muscles Contract.
    The muscle contractions causes an increase in blood flow similar to walking (up to 63%).
systemic blood flow
  • Blood Flow Increases.
    The calf muscles controlled by the peroneal nerve begin to contract and pump.
    • Up to a 400% increase in
      microcirculatory blood flow
    • Promotes systemic blood flow
      throughout the rest of the body
    • Allows for a faster and more
      efficient recovery after exercise


Learn more about the firefly™ device HERE!

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