As clinicians and educators ourselves, we love talking 'dry needling' and it's amazing ability to positively impact our patients - but you're probably tired of us talking about it.  So who better to keep the dry needling discussion building than YOU - the expert clinician!  

Enter - iDryNeedle's 'Featured Clinician' highlight


iDryNeedle wants to not only become your ultimate dry needling resource, but we want to build a community of clinicians interested in innovating clinical practice, helping people, and giving back.  Our monthly "Featured Clinician" highlight will start to put some faces to the names of those clinicians throughout the US (and world...and galaxy!?). 

Dry needling is now mainstream in physical therapy practice, but we'd like to highlight the various settings, philosophies, and great clinicians behind the needles. We will interview these brilliant minds and feature them on our website, monthly newsletter, and social media for the month.  

We will try to make it worth their while with a Myotech Dry Needle gift package...and a year-supply of virtual high-fives.

Know someone who would be a good iDryNeedle "Featured Clinician"? Let us know - email [email protected] or DM us on social media.