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3 gal. Stericycle Biohazard Sharps by Mail

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Contains everything required to properly and safely package and dispose of your sharps waste (eg, needles, injector pens, and syringes). When properly packaged by the waste generator, System meets all US Postal Service requirements for sending sharps waste to a disposal site through the US Mail. Proof of proper disposal is provided after destruction.


Compliant with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations for medical waste containers.
Meets or exceeds standards set by DOT (Department of Transportation) for transportation of medical waste.
These containers are essential for ensuring the safe handling and disposal of potentially infectious or hazardous medical waste, thereby protecting healthcare workers, patients, and the environment.

<b>Capacity:</b> 3 gallons (approximately 11.4 liters)

Material: Made from durable, puncture-resistant plastic to ensure safety and prevent leakage.


<b>Dimensions:</b>  5.5"x9"x19.75"