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2 gal. Stericycle Sharps Biohazard by Mail 2-pack

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Introducing Stericycle Sharps by Mail 2 Gallon 2 Pack – The Safest and Most Convenient Solution for Disposing of Medical Sharps!

Are you in need of a reliable and hassle-free way to dispose of medical sharps such as dry needles and more? Look no further than the Stericycle Sharps by Mail 2 Gallon 2 Pack, designed to provide you with a secure, efficient, and environmentally responsible solution.


Safe and Secure: Our Stericycle Sharps by Mail system is designed to meet all the safety standards for medical waste disposal. Each container is puncture-resistant, leak-proof, and tamper-proof, ensuring the utmost safety for you and those around you.

Convenient 2 Gallon Size: With a generous 2-gallon capacity per container, you'll have ample space to dispose of your medical sharps. This size is perfect for individuals, small clinics, and healthcare facilities, allowing you to conveniently collect and contain sharps until they are ready for disposal.

Cost-Effective: Stericycle Sharps by Mail offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional medical waste disposal services. By using our mail-back program, you can save on expensive pickup services and reduce the overall cost of medical waste management.

Easy-to-Use: Using Stericycle Sharps by Mail is a breeze. Simply place your used sharps in the container, seal it, and use the prepaid postage label included to send it off for safe disposal. It's a hassle-free process that takes the worry out of managing medical waste.


Compliant: Stericycle Sharps by Mail complies with all federal, state, and local regulations for medical waste disposal. You can trust that your sharps will be handled and disposed of properly.


What's Included:

  • Two 2-gallon sharps containers
  • Prepaid postage label for easy return and disposal
  • Detailed instructions for safe and proper use

Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of medical waste disposal. Order your Stericycle Sharps by Mail 2 Gallon 2 Pack today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you're taking the responsible and safe approach to managing medical sharps. Protect yourself, your community, and the environment with Stericycle.